Love pack

$ 12.00 AUD

Love pack contain 3 crystals and their properties. Use this pack to increase self love and love towards others

Sleep and relaxation pack

No Image Available

$ 12.00 AUD

Sleep and Relaxation pack contain 3 crystals and their properties. Use this pack to relax and improve the quality of your sleep

charkra crystal pack

No Image Available

$ 15.00 AUD

contain 7 crystals and their properties relating to each of the chakras. Use this pack maintain balance in your life

Computer pack

No Image Available

$ 12.00 AUD

This pack includes 3 crystals and their properties. Put this pack next to your laptop/computer box

Secret to Attracting Wealth only one left

$ 25.00 AUD

Master the Secret to Attracting Wealth

Everyone lives in the world of their own beliefs and those beliefs have energy. Your thoughts emit vibrations that literally act as magnets drawing to you people and circumstances that resonate with what you re thinking and feeling.

This two-part meditation takes you into a super-deep trance state called Deep Mind, where hypnotic metaphors help you breakthrough limitation. You are guided to The Causal Plane, a very high plane of consciousness where what you visualize has incredible power to manifest.

At this level of mind, you become what you think you are, for truly your thoughts are creative. In the days and weeks to come, you ll start attracting, ideas, opportunities and people to make your prosperity goals a reality.
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